TruNorth Wealth Partners, LLC – Privacy Policy

TruNorth Wealth Partners, LLC (“TruNorth Wealth Partners”) recognizes and respects the privacy of our client relationships and is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. We will provide the annual Privacy Notice to all of our clients who obtain financial products and services in accordance with Title V of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and its implementing regulations.

TruNorth Wealth Partners is entrusted with, or has access to, non-public personal information about its clients and is responsible for the confidentiality and security of that information. TruNorth Wealth Partners recognizes and respects the privacy expectation of its customers and will only disclose customer information it collects to third parties (1) as authorized or directed by a client, (2) as permitted by law, (3) to service providers who provide investment products or services to the client, (4) in connection with an audit or examination or (5) to respond to a subpoena or similar legal process. Information provided to TruNorth Wealth Partners is used to help clients meet their personal financial goals while guarding against any real or perceived infringements of privacy rights. TruNorth Wealth Partners’ policy with respect to personal information is stated below:

• TruNorth Wealth Partners maintains a hardware firewall to protect our server from intrusion by outside parties whereby non-public personal information might be accessed from outside TruNorth Wealth Partners.
• TruNorth Wealth Partners maintains all customer records electronically, and in cases where we must maintain paper files, they are in a secure area in locked cabinets so that access to those records can be controlled. All electronic client records are password protected.
• TruNorth Wealth Partners has a disaster recovery plan that provides for redundant recordkeeping.
• TruNorth Wealth Partners personnel are regularly coached on providing a high level of professionalism to all clients, making each employee responsible for the security and confidentiality of client information. TruNorth Wealth Partners limits employee access to non-public personal information to those employees who have a business reason for knowing such information.

All clients receive the TruNorth Wealth Partners Privacy Policy as part of the process for establishing a client relationship and thereafter in the event of an amendment.