Our Services

Our team of experienced advisors partner with clients to manage their complex financial ecosystem, including executive compensation.

We draw on our depth and breadth of tax knowledge to minimize our clients’ tax burdens.

We understand each client’s TruNorth and provide counsel for all our client’s financial goals and decisions, including estate plans, family education, and retirement.

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Estate planning is the process of guiding you through assessing, arranging, and passing on your estate. We will also help you create a plan now in case you’re not able to make decisions later.

When do you want to stop working? We will create a plan to ensure you are financially independent on that day. But sometimes the unthinkable happens. That’s why we’ll also have plans B, C, D, and E clearly mapped out.

Managing your financial life is at the heart of what we do at TruNorth Wealth Partners. We help clarify and manage everything where your life and wealth intersect.

Your journey toward financial independence begins when we complete your Places of Most Potential financial plan. This is a 360-degree view of your financial landscape. It uncovers your potential dangers and helps you prepare to capture opportunities.

Growing your portfolio while minimizing your tax requirements is our goal with tax planning. We will create long-term strategies with considerations for estate gift income and generation skipping taxes.

Charitable planning can help you make the most impact on the path toward your TruNorth. We help clients maximize their gifts through effective tax planning strategies.

When you have income from multiple sources — stocks, board salaries, mutual funds, IRAs, and job salaries — we will balance it all to optimize your income while minimizing your tax payouts.

We understand the complexities of shaping a healthcare plan and insurance policies to shield your family. We are independent of any brands and can tap into a trusted network of experts.

Funding for college is a top priority for many families. We will work with you to find the best mix of savings instruments and show you strategies for optimizing value while minimizing your tax requirements.

Your portfolio is unique. We know that you’ll likely have trusted partners who have served you well. We welcome these pros. To help manage all your assets across the team, we will create an online “financial dashboard” to monitor performance.

Mitigating dangers includes reducing risks against potential outcomes. We work with you on a variety of insurance planning that includes life, disability, long-term care, property/casualty, and other options.

We understand that business owners need trusted partners to make effective decisions. We advise on tax implications, dealmaking, exit strategies, and benefit planning specific to business owners.

TruNorth Places of Most Potential

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