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As a business owner, I’m in a unique position. My liabilities and assets are all tied together. There’s a lack of security in what I do; I don’t have secured assets like corporate executives. Other people depend on me for their livelihood. That’s a monumental amount of pressure. I need someone who will really understand that pressure. Look, I'm busy. ...(read more)


We wonder if we’ll be able to retire. We’ve sent all three of our kids to college and even paid for a couple of weddings! But, suddenly we realize we may not have saved enough. In our mid-50s, I’m working as a vice president of a corporation and Betsy is a secretary. We sometimes wake up in the middle of night worried about the future.  ...(read more)


I had always loved my job as a wife and mother and never thought much about finances. William was an executive and we had lived all over the world.  I took care of our home, wherever it was. He took care of the money. I know he used money managers over the years to help him plan for our retirement. He eventually got to a point ...(read more)


The stakes were high. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a real estate transaction that was moving very quickly. As an educational institution responsible for maintaining numerous entities, we’d never done anything like this before. We were working on a deal and decisions had to be made immediately. Should we do this?  ...(read more)