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“Preparation is everything. Noah did not start building the ark when it was raining.” —Warren Buffet

Places of Most Potential

Your financial journey with us begins with the Places of Most Potential comprehensive planning model. We work closely with you to clarify everything where your life and wealth intersect.
When completed, you’ll have a 360° view of your financial landscape that serves as a roadmap with ‘turn-by-turn’ directions to your future. Through a series of three sessions with our Certified Financial Planners® we’ll identify the areas where you’re not taking advantage of existing opportunities.
Here’s how the journey unfolds:


Session One
Tell us Your Story

Expect to spend some time with us, especially at the beginning of the process. On our first visit, we’ll talk with you about your background, your values, and your relationship to money. We’ll learn about the role you play in your family, your company, and your community. We’ll find out what’s on your “wish list,’’ as well as what keeps you up at night. This period of discovery is what will lay the foundation of our relationship and help us guide you on your journey of financial independence.
With answers to questions like “What differences do you see between wealth and money,” and others, we go to work.

Session Two
First Draft

We’ll share a first draft of your plan, which will include the places we found with the most potential. You’ll have an opportunity to weigh in on the progress and make any necessary changes in direction.
With some clients we suggest you globally diversify your portfolio with a balance of international and U.S. stocks. Or, we could recommend that you employ a deferred tax strategy we call Asset Placement.
We’ll also recommend the best strategies to help fund your children’s college education.

Session Three
Your Roadmap

In our final meeting, we’ll page through your Places of Most Potential financial plan together. It’s a far-reaching document that takes into account:
• Retirement planning
• Education funding
• Income planning
• Charitable giving
• Portfolio management
• Financial life management
• Healthcare and insurance planning
• Tax Planning
• Estate Planning
You’ll have all the tools in your hands to start the journey. The roadmap is yours to keep regardless if you choose to work with us or execute the plan on your own.
But in case you’re curious…most individuals and institutions choose to work with us after experiencing our service in assessing their Places of Most Potential.
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