Individuals/Life Changes and Challenges


I had always loved my job as a wife and mother and never thought much about finances. William was an executive and we had lived all over the world.  I took care of our home, wherever it was. He took care of the money.

I know he used money managers over the years to help him plan for our retirement. He eventually got to a point where he felt like he needed someone who could help him better organize his assets, which were becoming more complex year after year.

A colleague whom William respected suggested he talk to a TruNorth advisor.

But when William got sick, his financial goals shifted.  It wasn’t about how we’d spend our golden years. All he suddenly cared about was making sure that I would be taken care of for after he was gone.


TruNorth’s Case Study Response:

When financial goals change, TruNorth is there to revise and develop investment plans to take care of those that you love. Your family is our family. We work to help your loved ones enjoy the life you planned.