We wonder if we’ll be able to retire. We’ve sent all three of our kids to college and even paid for a couple of weddings! But, suddenly we realize we may not have saved enough. In our mid-50s, I’m working as a vice president of a corporation and Betsy is a secretary. We sometimes wake up in the middle of night worried about the future.  We have so many different assets and don’t know how to coordinate them all. 

We’ve been to other advisors who’ve taken a piecemeal approach to our finances, focusing on one life event at a time. We need someone who can take all the moving parts and put them together to create a solid, comprehensive plan. 

The first day we met with our TruNorth advisor we asked, “Is it too late?’’


TruNorth’s Case Study Response:

“No, but you can’t quit your jobs just yet.’’ TruNorth takes the time to understand what is important to you, your values and your goals.  By understanding who you are and what you need, TruNorth creates a plan that is thoughtful, analytical, and straightforward. At TruNorth, we understand that you trust us with your future, and your children’s and grandchildren’s futures. When your children become TruNorth clients, it is the highest compliment to who we are and what we do. We strive to provide them with long-term, individualized plans that will meet their needs now and in the future, as carefully as you would.

TruNorth strives to provide peace of mind for both you and your family, now and in retirement.