Institutions/Simplifying Complexity for Institutions and Foundations

Institutions/Simplifying Complexity for Institutions and Foundations


The stakes were high. We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a real estate transaction that was moving very quickly.

As an educational institution responsible for maintaining numerous entities, we’d never done anything like this before. We were working on a deal and decisions had to be made immediately.

Should we do this? Should we lock in the rate?

We didn’t have those answers. We were frozen with uncertainty.

As the investment manager for this institution, I am focused on maintaining funds--perpetually. We’re responsible for grounds, buildings and programs, and providing jobs and educational experiences for many people. I need to invest our funds in a manner that provides growth in a risk-adjusted way. I need to keep things going.


TruNorth’s Case Study Response:

TruNorth can be called on to assess difficult financial situations and devise executable plans. We work with trusted investment partners that can also contribute guidance and experience.  The combination of TruNorth’s knowledge and the relationships we’ve built over the years with partner resources, help us reach successful outcomes for our clients.

The real estate transaction is one example of how TruNorth is willing and able to work outside the box. We really care about your outcomes. That’s palpable. We put your best interest first.  As a boutique firm, we strive to consistently invest critical time and attention into each client  relationship.